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Keeps food warm on dinner table

Put Plank Grilling Rack on top of Warming / Cooling Tray and serve the food from it at dinner table.

Made of stainless steel that does not bend when heated.


Ready-to-use plank grilling rack

  • Plank Grilling Rack
  • Fastening sticks (6 pcs)

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100 % made in Finland

  • Stainless steel
  • Width 20 cm, height 65 cm
  • Weight 1.55 kg
  • Warranty 10 years


Grilling on a plank has never been this easy

Fill KlapiTuli Stand with firewood and light the fire. Let it burn and enjoy.

Handy accessory: grease bowl. Place the grease bowl in KlapiTuli Stand before you attach Plank Grilling Rack; that way the grease from the fish will not trickle into the plate but stays in the bowl.

Oil Plank Grilling Rack with rapeseed oil or baking spray. Place fish, or any other ingredient, on the rack. Do not season the fish before grilling, because the seasoning may burn into the surface and not get absorbed into the fish. Stick a fastening stick into the hole, bend it over the fish and slide into the hole on the opposite side. Attach as many sticks as needed to fasten the fish.  Attach Plank Grilling Rack into the edge of the plate in KlapiTuli Stand in such a way that the edge of the plate goes into the groove in the rack. Plank Grilling Rack does not need any separate support.

Start grilling so that the tail of the fish is on the top and the thicker part is down, close to the embers. To make sure that the fish is evenly cooked you need to turn the rack upside down once during grilling.  The rack has an identical groove at both ends. You can see from the surface of the fish when it is done (about one hour / 1 kg).

Put Plank Grilling Rack on the table, switch a stick around a couple of times and pull it off. The stick is easily cleaned by pulling it to and fro against the edge of the hole. The grilled fish can be served from the rack.

Season the fish right after grilling. Take a look at KlapiKokki® Chef’s tips for seasoning!


Wash Plank Grilling Rack in running hot water with a dishbrush and washing-up liquid. It can also be washed in a dishwasher.




Season the food right after grilling. If you do it beforehand, the seasoning will burn into the surface.

Squeeze lemon juice on the salmon, sprinkle fine sea salt and lemon pepper on it, and again some lemon juice to make the seasoning absorb. Chop chives into 4 cm pieces, garnish with chives and dill.

Plank Grilling Rack can also be used as a serving dish. Place it on Warming / Cooling Tray and keep the food warm during dinner. This is Finnish design at its best!