Fits seamlessly into KlapiTuli Stand

The only vertical smoker on the market that has an inbuilt tray.


Complete set for smoking

  • Smoker
  • Tray
  • Pellet bowl
  • Metal sticks (6 pcs)

TECHNICAL INFORMATIONavainlippu_sininen_rgb_50x70

100 % made in Finland

  • Stainless steel
  • Thermometer 0–300°C
  • Warranty 10 years


Get the wonderful smoke flavour

Fill KlapiTuli Stand with firewood and light the fire. Let the fire burn and enjoy.

When there is about 5 cm of embers on the bottom of KlapiTuli Stand, place the pellet bowl, filled with chip-like alder pellets, on KlapiTuli plate next to the embers. Poke the embers to make large coals smaller so that the embers are evenly placed near the pellet bowl and the smoking can begin. Fill KlapiTuli Stand with firewood.

After about five minutes of smoking the temperature is about +50° C. Make sure that the wood in KlapiTuli Stand is burning all the time during smoking.

When the temperature reaches about +70°C the smoked product is ready. Don’t heat it over +70°C, so that it won’t become too dry. It takes about 30 minutes to smoke 500 g of salmon.

Lift the Smoker straight up to detach it from KlapiTuli Stand and remove the pellet bowl to prevent the pellets from catching fire.

You can remove the thermometer before washing with the help of a knife; use the blade of the knife as a lever between the thermometer’s frame and the cover of the Smoker, and remove the frame, glass and meter. All parts can be washed in a dish washer.


How to smoke salmon

Season salmon, or any product you are going to smoke, beforehand. Sprinkle lemon juice, fine sea salt and lemon pepper on the salmon.

You can smoke almost anything! Be open-minded and trust yourself – with KlapiTuli Stand and Smoker you cannot fail.

The thermometer on the cover of the Smoker helps you to estimate the doneness of food. The Smoker comes with an inbuilt tray that you can use to serve the food at the dinner table.