How KlapiTuli was invented

For all my life I have liked to build things, from toy cars and bicycles to motor cycles and cars. I have also always liked cooking and grilling. I founded my company in 2008 to be able to realize my big vision: to build a super kitchen in which almost everything could be made.

When you see grilling on a plank in a marketplace or on a fair it often looks difficult. The dishes are too big and it looks like it would be impossible to do at home. I wanted to create a plank grilling device that is easy to use and move, to which accessories can be attached and that makes everybody a good cook!

I have designed all KlapiTuli products myself – with passion and Finnish guts! I think of myself as a kind of Gyro Gearloose, but I am also visually talented and I firmly believe that when you really try and put your heart in it, you cannot fail.

KlapiTuli Stand takes its form from the traditional Finnish candle stove, and it is the heart of the product series. When it started selling well and people thought it a brilliant and genious invention, I designed two accessories for it, Plank Grilling Rack and Smoker. KlapiTuli Stand is the king of your garden – you can attach to it everything that you need when grilling, smoking and grilling on a plank. With Grilling and Boiling Lid you can easily cook, for example, potatoes. All parts are carefully designed and finished to the smallest detail and they fit seamlessly together.

KlapiTuli Stand makes it easy to try plank grilling in your own garden and because the process is easy and neat you don’t have to wear your worst clothes to do it. There is no easier way to attach the fish as the one in Plank Grilling Rack. KlapiTuli Firewood Carrier provides wood for five hour’s fire.

Try, and you’ll see how easy it is!

Juha Kankaanpää
KlapiKokki® Chef